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MONEY – BANKING – AUSTRIA: Wir Franz der Erste, von Gottes Gnaden Kaiser von Oesterreich; König zu Hungarn, Böheim, Galizien und Lodomerien etc., Erzherzog zu Oesterreich etc etc. Wir haben beschlossen, die gegenwärtig im Umlaufe befindlichen Wiener-Stadt


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This rare Emperor’s patent, issued on July 23, 1807, describes the value and form of the new banknotes, or Bankozettel, which were issued in 1806 and completely replaced the old notes by 1808. The first pages describe the history of the steep inflation since 1800 and the reasons for the new exchange rate. This is followed by a broadside with pattern of the new bank notes, printed on blue paper, and two appendices (B & C, A being the bank notes), describing the notes and giving additional information on the exchange. 

The decree was a result of a high inflation, caused by the Napoleonic wars and the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire in 1806.

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