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MOON: Map of the Moon.


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This larger map of the moon was probably made just before July 1969, on the eve of launching Apollo 11.

The bid image shows the near side of the moon, with landings of the Russian (Luna) and American (Surveyor) spaceflights marked in red, and the names of the craters in black. 

The text on the right-hand side encourages the owner of the map to follow the Space race between the Americans and Russians with text:

Use this chart to follow the news of future moon missions as the second phase unfolds and actual landings and explorations are made by man. 

Apollo 11 was launched on July 16 1969 and reached the Moon on July 20, when Neil Armstrong became the first person, who stepped on the moon.

The image in the lower right corner depicts the Far side of the Moon, which was not imagined until 1959 by the Soviet Luna 3 spacecraft (hence the Russian names for prominent farside features).   

The map was published in 1969 by the Oil Company Esso, and was probably given to children of clients.

This is a fascinating souvenir of the Space race and the Cold war in an almost mint condition, and a highly detailed map with numerous information. 

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