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MOSCOW, WWII: Разгром немецко-фашистичких войск под Москвой [Razgrom nemecko-fašističkih vojsk pod Moskvoj / The Route of the German Fascist Troops near Moscow].



A rare poster map, showing the Battle of Moscow and Stalin, was published by the Higher School of Communist Party of the Soviet Union, the highest educational institution on the Soviet Union. 

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A large poster with text in Russian Cyrillic, shows the Battle of Moscow during WWII and an image of Stalin at the Moscow front. The Battle of Moscow (Битва за Москву or Bitva za Moskvu) is the name given to two periods of strategically significant fighting on a sector of 600 km (370 mi) of the Eastern Front during World War II, between October 1941 and January 1942.

The poster was made as a part of an educational material by the Department of Social-Economics at the Higher School of Communist Party of the Soviet Union in Moscow. The Higher School of the Communist Party ‘Vladimir Ilyich Lenin’ was the highest education organ in the Soviet Union, accepting students, which had to be less than 40 years old, members of the Communist Party for more than five years, and had recommendations from other party members. The school operated between 1939-1991.

The drawn image of Stalin at the Moscow front was based on a draft by a Russian military painter and illustrator Pawel Petrowitsch Sokolow-Skalja (1899 -1961).

The poster can be dated around 1950, as Stalin’s images were not promoted any more after his death in 1952. 

The print was made for educational purposes and was probably only distributed to main institutions of the Communist party. The stamp in the lower corner is of Estonian Ministerium for Education. 

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