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MUSICAL SCORES – PARTISAN UNDERGROUND PRINTING: Gregorčičeva pesmarica. 7 moških in mešanih zborov [Gregorčič’s Song Book. 7 Male and Mixed Choirs].



A rare song book, printed by a Partisan underground press during WWII, includes musical scores for seven poems, written by a Slovenian poet Simon Gregorčič.

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This uncommon mimeographed brochure was printed by a secret Partisan press, hidden in the woods of Kočevski rog in south Slovenia. It inclueed 7 musical scores for poems by a Slovenian poet Simon Gregorčič, who was popular among the Partisan for his love for his home and country. The scores were written by various authors before and during WWII.

Only four copies are known in Slovenian libraries and none in institutions abroad.

References: OCLC 438670608 ; Bibliografija, no. 5065.

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