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MUSLIM BOSNIAK NEWSPAPER: Bošnjak. List za politiku, pouku i zabavu [Bosniak. Paper for Politics, Education and Entertainment].



One of the first newspapers made by and for Muslim Bosniaks in their language, and printed in Latin script, after their partiton from the Ottoman Empire. 

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This is a edition of a rare newspaper, printed by Muslim Bosniaks in Sarajevo in 1903. The newspaper was founded in 1891 by Mehmed-beg Kapetanović (1839-1902) and was published until 1910.

It was one of the first newspapers published by the Bosniaks in their own language, and in the Latin script, after their partition from the Ottoman Empire in 1878. Until then most of the texts were published under Ottomans in the Ottoman or Cyrillic script. As the first number sais, the newspaper was founded “so that we Muslims can make a newspaper in our mother tongue, which protects our rights…”.

The newspaper is very rare. We could only find copies on microfilm in the Library of Corgress. 


References: OCLC: 951440008. Kristin Lindermann, Slaven oder Muslime, in: Brüderlichkeit und Bruderzwist: Mediale Inszenierungen des Aufbaus…, 2014, p. 158. 

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