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NAPOLEONIC WARS / AUSTRIA / CRIME: Circulare von der k. auch k. K. Landesregierung in Erzherzogthume Oesterreich unter der Enns. Die Beraubung der Todten ist als Diebstahl zu bestrafen.



A broadside, announcing that robbing of the corpses as a crime, was printed amid the Napoleonic wars, two days after the Austrian invading of Bavaria and weeks after Napoleon’s taking over Vienna.

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[… The Robbing of the Dead is Punishable as a Theft]

A broadside, made in Vienna on September 8th, 1805, amid the Napoleonic Wars, announces robbing of corpses a crime, punishable with three months of prison. The broadside was made two days after Austrian entering the war by invading Bavaria and was probably sent out to prevent uncontrolled looting, robbing and spreading of diseases.  

The signed Josef Karl Graf von Dietrichstein (1763 – 1825) was a land marshal of the Lower Austria and the first governor of the k.k. Nation Bank.

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