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NUMISMATICS: Munz-Journal als Stammbuch der Geschichte und Denkmal des Neuenzehnten Jahrhunderts… Munz-Journal als Stammbuch der Geschichte




A rare agazine on numismatics, printed in Budapest, depicts coins from all over the world from circa 1800 until 1832.


Folio, letterpress. 1 volume with bound together Year 1 (IV issues), Year 2 (1 issue marked as IV issues together). Year 1: #I: [5]. #II: [5]. #III: [5]. #4: [5]. Year 2: [5], [5], 1-4 copper engraved plates, [1], 1-4 copper engraved plates, [1], 1-4 copper engraved plates, [1], 1-4 copper engraved plates, [1], 1-4 copper engraved plates, [1], 1-4 copper engraved plates (age-toned and stained, upper edge with small holes and loss of paper, affecting the title on the title page, and corners of last four plates, without a significant loss of image, lacking printed wrappers, old mounted pieces of paper covering small parts of the title on the title page on the left-hand side, old signature on the cover, small folds in the lower corner, text and images not affected, inserted in modern marbled paper wrappers).


A complete set of an exceedingly rare numismatic magazine in German language, issued in 1832 in Budapest.

The magazine includes valuable information on contemporary coins and numberless images of gold and silver coins from Europe, United States, Mexico, Ottoman Empire, and Russia, with complete listings of their worth and inflations.

The author Urosius Andreits signed himself as a specialist in Oriental matters in the  publishing house of the Royal Hungarian University.

The magazine is very rare. We could not find any institutional copies on Worldcat (OCLC 649640931). A copy with a different collation is documented in the Eric P. Newman Library with a scanned copy of the book on the archive.org. It is possible the magazine without numeration was contemporary printed in different versions. The title page for the second year quotes 16 pages with engravings, but includes 24.  A contemporary text mentions the magazine was published  between 1832-36 and marks it as a “useful numismatic work” (Jacob Reese Eckfeldt, – William Ewing Du Bois, A Manual of Gold and Silver Coins of All Nations, 1842, p. 22.).


References:  Numizmatyka i medalierstwo: katalog dzieł ze zbiorów Biblioteki Uniwersyteckiej we Wrocławiu, 1992, p. 22; John M. Kleeberg, America’s silver dollars, Vol. 2, 1995, p. 93.

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