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NÜRNBERG, Germany: Uebersicht des Terrains zu den Feldmanoeuvres vom 5ten bis 20ten September 1824. Parade Ausstellung der in Uebungslager bey Nürnberg unter dem Obercom[m]ando Seiner Durchlaucht. de Herrn Feldmarschalls Fürsten von Werde versam[m]elten k



A luxury presentation copy of an army training field near Nuremberg, mounted on blue silk – a colour of the Bavarian noble family. 

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This beautiful copy of an early lithographed map shows the position of Bavarian army troops near Nuremberg, between September 5 and 20,1824, lead by a Bavarian field marshal Karl (or Carl) Philipp Josef Wrede, Baron von Wrede, 1st Prince von Wrede (1767 –1838). Von Wrede was the leading Bavarian soldier of the early 19th century, who represented Bavaria at the Congress of Vienna.

The map was most probably made for a member of a Bavarian royal family, as indicated by blue silk, very typical for the library of the family. Other examples of this map appear on the market, but with less attractive colour and mounted on linen. 

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