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ORADEA: Macrinus. Peter Wardein.


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Very rare view shows Oradea in Romania and a portrait of the Roman Emperoer Macrinus (ca. 165 – 218) in the upper part, accompanied with a text sheet with descriptions. 

Oradea, in German Grosswardein, is here mistakenly named Peter Wardein – as Petrovaradin in Serbia.


The copper engraving was issued in a 18th century newspaper Der privilegierte Churfürstlich-Sächsische Postilion. The newspaper was issued in the city Löbau in Saxonia in Germany, today close to the Czech and Polish border, from 1785 on. It included news from the world and articles on history and geography, illustrated with inserted copper engravings. Postilion was published under different variations of the name to 1945.

All prints from Postilion, especially from the early editions, are extremely rare.   

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