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ORIGINAL ESPERANTO NOVEL / AUSTRALIA: Kanako el Kananam: aventuroj en la ĝangalo de Novgvineo [The Friend from Kananam. Adventures in the New Guinea Jungle]


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A story about an Australian soldier during WWII while off duty in New Guinea was written in 1952 in Melbourne in Esperanto by an Australian author Kenneth Gordon Linton (1906-1985). Linton, who learned Esperanto in 1931 was a president of the Australian Esperanto Association (Aŭstralia Esperanto-Asocio) and the editor of the magazine Australian Esperantist.  

The book includes maps and black and white illustrations, mostly showcasing the indigenous peoples of New Guinea, made by a Linton’s “young friend” Robert Campbell. 
In 2004. the book was translated to English and titled The Friend from Kananam. Adventures in the New Guinea Jungle

References: OCLC 716626751 & 44276540.

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