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OTTOMAN CARTOGRAPHY / MAP OF THE WORLD: كرۀ‌ مسطحه [Kürre-i Müsattaha also Küre-i Müsattaha / Hemispheres of Earth lit. Flat Sphere]


A larger charming and seemingly unrecorded separately published map of the world in Ottoman language.


Colour lithograph, 49 x 63 cm (19.3 x 24.8 inches) (light water-staining and staining on the left-hand side, otherwise in a good condition).


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This attractive, seemingly unrecorded map of the world showcases the two hemispheres, solar system and highest mountains and lakes of the world with the Eiffel tower in the bottom as a comparison. The map was made in the early years of the Republic of Türkiye in Ottoman language and is representing the Turkish national symbols star and crescent in the middle of the wind rose.

Not much is known about the map maker Mehmed Abdülkadir, authored several large format colourful maps in Ottoman language in the early 20th century.

We could not find any other institutional examples of the map nor any references to it in bibliography (the map is not identical to a world map with the same title and similar dimensions, which was dated 1309 (1893) and is unsigned, Osmanlı coğrafya literatürü tarihi. History of Geographical Literature during the Ottoman Period, 2000, p. 720).

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