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Ottoman Trade Catalogue / Blueprints: اناطولى بغداد دميريوللرى... آلات وأدوات آلبومى Album d‘outillage. Werkzeug-Album


[Anatolian-Baghdad Railways … Album of Tools and Machines. 1st part A-L]


Large 4°: 69 pp. blueprints with illustrations, recto only, contemporary mounted corrections in Ottoman in black ink on white paper, original illustrated blueprint wrappers, original black spine (minor staining, spine with small chips and loss of material, otherwise in a good and clean condition).



This fascinating and highly decorative firm catalogue, entirely made in the technique of a blueprint, includes 599 drawings of metal and wooden tools and accessories for metal workers, tanners, carpenters, bookbinders, printers, engineers, also for medical staff and other professions. The offer contains drawings of unusual items such as fire extinguisher, parts for machines, pots, furniture for printers and other workshops, scales, cans, brushes, medical stretcher, transporters etc. The descriptions are made in Ottoman, French and German, and sporadically contemporary corrected with black manuscript on white paper.

The image in the vignette at the end represents a female technical drawer.

The catalogue was a part of the offer by Anatolian-Baghdad Railways and was drawn and translated by a technical drawer Ismail Hakki in 1924 in Haydarpaşa, a part of the Istanbul, known for its massive railway station with the same name, built by the Anatolian Railways by 1909. The building represented the end of the Baghdad and Hijaz railways.

This is the first part (of 2? – if published). We could not find any other examples of the catalogue.

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