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OTTOMAN-GERMAN MAGAZINE: Hande, خذه: Türkisch-Deutsche Humoristisch-Satirische Wochenschrift [Hande. Turkish-German Humour-Satirical Magazine].


A number 10 of the 1st year of a rare satirical magazine, printed in Istanbul during WWI in German and Ottoman Turkish language.


An issue of a rare magazine, issued in Pera, Istanbul, was published in Ottoman Turkish and German language, during WWI, when the Ottoman Empire and Germany cooperated as allies.
The cover showcases a caricature of a British foreign minister Sir Edward Grey (1862-1933), writing a letter of peace ”Dear Mr. President! Our terms of treaty are very simple: Repeating the state of war and then a new declaration of war right away).
We could only trace some separate examples of the magazine in the Berlin State Library and Leipzig National Library (OCLC

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