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OTTOMAN LITERARY AND SCIENCE NEWSPAPER ثروت فنون .Servet-i-Funoun. 1643-169


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Large 4°: [1], pp. 194-258 reverse collation with illustrations within text, [1] advertisements, original printed grey wrappers, stapled, original tax stamp on the cover (tiny tears and folds in margins, soft vertical fold, taxation stamp on the title page partly removed).


A post WWI edition of Servet-I Fünun includes more advertisements, such as for modern cars, female stockings and farming equipment. The title page is partly written in French with a contact address in Genève.

Servet-i Fünun (ثروت فنون) or Wealth of Knowledge was a famous Ottoman magazine, published between 1891 and 1944. Starting as an illustrated with scientific articles and reports, accompanied with humour and literature, it soon turned into a leading literary magazine, publishing modern Ottoman poetry and literature. The group of authors, which gathered around the magazine between 1896 and 1901, passed into the history of literature under titles “New Literature” or the “Servet-i Fünun Lietrarure”. 

References: Orhan OKAY, Turkish Literature During the Reform Period. In: Ottoman Civilization, 2, 2009, pp.581ff. 

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