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OTTOMAN MAGAZINE – LITERATURE: محيط Mouhit illustration hebdomadaire. Nr. 13-34. [Musavver Muhit / Illustrated Circle: Political, Literary, Scientific, Philosophical Weekly Newspaper]


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A beautifully designed intellectual magazine with a fashionable cover in fin de siècle style, printed in green and red, includes original poetry by contemporary modern poets, a text on Alfred de Musset and Alfred Tennyson, a lengthy illustrated article on Karbala in Iraq, an illustrated article on political assassinations etc.
There were in total 39 issues of Muhit, published between October 1908 and July 1909. The editors were Faik Sabri Duran (1882-1943), Safvet Nezihi (1871 – 1939), Celâl Sahir Erozan (1883 – 1935), and İbdah Esad.
The editor of this number was a famous Ottoman geographer Faik Sabri Duran, born in Üsküdar, Istanbul in 1882. He studied geography at the Sorbonne and was active in publishing articles for different magazines. He returned to Istanbul in 1912, but was soon invited to Germany as cartographer during WWI. With a German professor Erich Obst Duran established a department for Geography at the Istanbul University. He received 10 awards for his work by the sultan Abdülhamit. Duran participated at the First Geography Congress in 1941 and was one of the founders of the Turkish Geography Institute. After 1920 Duran spent a lot of time in Paris and London.  Faik Sabri Duran was an author of many books and atlases, which were the first modern school atlases for children. Duran believed in visual education and  also included some thematical maps, based on the drafts he learned in his travelling abroad. Faik Sabri Duran insisted on same education of geography for boys and girls. The literary director was Celâl Sahir Erozan, who was specialized in poetry for women. Celâl believed in simplifying the Ottoman language in poetry and was a typical representative of the so called Servet-i Fünun poets, the authors with a specific modern style, who were publishing in the magazine with the same name. Born to an Ottoman Governor İsmail Hakkı Paşa and a known female poet Fehime Nüzhet Hanım, Celâl Sahir Erozan started publishing his poetry in his teens in newspapers such as Malumat, Musavver Fen, Edeb, Pul, and Lisan, and reciting on the court of Abdülhamid II. The trade mark of Celâl Sahir was poetry for women and he was also known as a defendant of the feminist movement.

This issue of Muhit also includes poetry by Celâl Sahir Erozan.
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