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OTTOMAN NEW LITERATURE (EDEBIYAT-I CEDIDE): Elhan-ı Vatan [Songs of the Fatherland]. الحان وطن


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This is a scarce first edition of the poems by the Ottoman Servet-i Fünun poet Faik Ali Ozansoy.

Faik Ali (1876 – 1950) was one of the foremost poets of the Servet-i Fünun literature. Born in a family of writers and historians Faik Ali became a prominent politician. He is known for saving a large number of Armenians during the Armenian genocide, while serving as a governor of the Kütahya Province.

Elhan-ı Vatan is one of the Faik Ali’s most famous publications.

The more common second edition was issued two years later.


References: OCLC 26454666. Özege 47.

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