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Ottoman School Atlas of Africa: فن جغرافيا ايچون ياريسز خريطه دفترى


[Fenn-i Coğrafya İçin Yazısız Harita Defteri. Harita Tersimi Usûlünün Mebâdisi / Blank Map Book for Science of Geography. The Basics of the Map Representation Method]

آفريقا [Arika / Africa]


Ottoman filled-in blank atlas of Afrika with unique and exquisite original colour


8°. 22-28 pp. facing pages marked with same numbers [altogether 16 pp.] with hand coloured lithographed maps and original wrappers (margins with small tears and tiny loss of paper, but overall in a good, used condition).


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This is an Ottoman ephemeral atlas, which served as a school book for geography lessons in high schools and universities. The maps were printed blank, without names, and are juxtaposed with pale imprints of identical images or blank grids. The blank spaces on printed maps were meant for the students to fill in with names of places and the empty grinds on the opposite pages were meant for the exercises of map drawing.

Our example is filled in with Ottoman and Latin script and entirely coloured with most exquisite original colour.

The atlas was issued in a series of 6 pamphlets, covering the following areas: 1 & 2 – Europe, 3 – Asia, 4 – Africa, 5- America, 6 – Oceania and maps of the world.

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