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PAKISTAN: Pakistan. Fremdenführer und Karte.



Pictorial map of East and West Pakistan in German language printed in Karachi in Pakistan in 1966. 



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An uncommon pictorial tourist map of East and West Pakistan, printed in 1966 in Karachi in Pakistan, in German language shows the tourist attractions in the countries. The attractive covers titled “In a beautiful Swat valley” and “Boats and Beauty in East Pakistan” depict women in their national costumes.

The map on one side shows East Pakistan, a provincial state of Pakistan that existed in the Bengal region of the northeast of South Asia from 1955 until 1971, when it was annexed to Bangladesh. Marked are broad gauge railways, narrow gauge railways, roads, airlines, roads under construction, lakes and hunting lodges. The map also lists important river routes, modern hotels, and travel agencies.

The map on the back shows West Pakistan, with marked broad gauge railways, narrow gauge railways, drivable roads, roads only drivable with a jeep, airlines and undefined borders.

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