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PARTISAN UNDERGROUND FLYER: Letalska vojna in Adolf! [Air-War and Adolf!]



A rare, seemingly unrecorded flyer made by a clandestine Partisan press in Slovenia shows a caricature of Hitler unsuccessfully fighting away Allied planes.

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An unrecorded propaganda flyer, made by an underground Partisan press during WWII shows Adolf Hitler, trying to fight away the Allied airplanes with a flyswatter. A poem written by a Partisan with a Nom de Guerre Joško, talks about the Allied attacks on Berlin, and Hitler, who is soon going to be dead.

The flyer is not recorded, but the same image appeared in a smaller format in a Partisan booklet describing Allied attacks on Berlin, which was printed in the press Partizanska tiskarna, in 1944.

We could not find any other copies of the flyer in the institutions nor any references to it in the literature. 

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