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PHOTOGRAPHY – YUGOSLAVIA: II. mednarodna razstava umetniške fotografije. Ljubljana, Jugoslavija od 2. – 24. maja 1936 (II. International Exhibition of Art Photography. Ljubljana, Yugoslavia, from May 2nd to May 24th, 1936].


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A rare ephemeral catalogue was made for the second international exhibition of photography in Yugoslavia, in Ljubljana, in 1936. The catalogue lists 218 authors from 26 countries, and names over 1000 titles of photographs, which entered the completion. The centre sheets of the catalogue show 16 photos of the authors from different parts of the world. The last pages includes advertisements for photographic material and other products.

Beside European photographers, also participants from Australia, India, Burma, Egypt, Hawaii, Java, South Africa, Canada, China, Nippon, and the United States sent their works to the competition.   

The cover by an anonymous author, most probably a member of the Fotoklub Ljubljana, is decorated with a decorative photomontage with slightly embossed title.

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