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PLAGUE – SWITZERLAND – MEDICINE: Avertissement. L’illustre conseil de santé…


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… de la Ville et République de Berne, ayant reçu la nouvelle authentique & assurée, que la peste s’est manifestée à Larissa & à Tarnow, dans la Turquie-Européene…

[Annunciation. The Illustrious Public Health Council of the Republic of Berne, has received authentic and confirmed news, that the plague manifested itself in Larissa and Tarnovo, in European part of Turkey…].


A rare broadside in French language was printed on August 18, 1787, in Berne, Switzerland, to stop the spreading of the plague from the Ottoman Empire. Until this date the spreading of the plague has been reported by reliable sources from various parts of the Ottoman empire: the Levant, Izmir, Aleppo, İskenderun, island Chios and from two places in the European part: Larissa in Greece and Tarnovo in today’s Bulgaria. 

With this decree the Public Health Council of Berne demanded confiscation of all the merchandise, which came from the Ottoman Empire, through the Balkans or the Mediterranean or any other routes. The only exception were the products, which went through a proven quarantine. 

We could not trace any examples in libraries worldwide.

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