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POLAND – BUS TRANSPORTATION MAP: Mapa schematyczna linii komunikacji samochodowej Schematic [Map of the Communication Lines for Cars].



A rare larger road map of Poland was printed around 1950 for a bus transportation firm PKS on cheap thick brown paper, which was available during the post WW2 rationing.

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This crudely printed map of bus communication lines in Poland was printed for the firm PKS (Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacji Samochodowej) shortly after WWII. Marked are only the routes and the numbers of the buses.

The printing house Orbis was active in Bydgoszcz from 1946 on.

Because the map was printed on cheaper paper, which was avalilable after WWII, the survival rate of such maps is very small. We could not trace any other copies of the map.

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