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POLISH FUTURISM: Kwadraty [Squares].



A rare, attractively designed book with poetry in Polish, was one of the early works by the founder of Polish Futurism Stanisław Młodożeniec. 

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This attractive book with poetry in Polish language was written and designed by the founder of the Polish futurism Stanisław Młodożeniec (1895 – 1959).

Born in Dobrocice, Młodożeniec spent his school years in Russia, where he witnessed the Revolution, which forced him to move back to Poland, where he enrolled the Jagiellonian University in Kraków.

At the end of 1919, beginning of 1920, Stanisław Młodożeniec founded, together with a futurist painter Tytus Czyżewski and a poet Bruno Jasieński, the Futurist Club “Katarynka” and organized with them the first evening of futuristic poetry in Krakow. In 1920s he moved to Warsaw, where he worked as a teacher, author, thater reviewer, and developed strong connections with the artists.

Stanisław Młodożeniec was mobilised at the beginning of WWII on September 19, 1939, and trensferred to Hungary. In June 1940 he escaped through Yugoslavia and Constantinople to Syria, where he joined of the Independent Carpathian Rifle Brigade. Młodożeniec travelled with the brigade through Egypt and Palestine, where he was involved in the army theatre. He was the author of the lyrics of the Brigade’s song and an editor of the Polish newspaper Gazeta Polskiej, printed in Jerusalem. In June 1942 he moved to London, where he joined the Propaganda Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Government of Emigration, and in 1943 the secret Polish radio Dawn.

After WWII Stanisław Młodożeniec moved back to Warsaw, where he died in 1959.

We could not trace any examples of the book in institutions outside Poland.

References: Bogdana Carpenter, The Poetic Avant-Garde in Poland, 1918-1939. University Of Washington Press, 1983; B. Królikowski, Z dziejów Koła Miłośników Książki w Zamościu 1923-1939. Rocznik Biblioteki Narodowej, t. 2, 1966, p. 408. 

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