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POLISH UNDERGROUND MAGAZINE: Pobudka. Miesięcznik poświęcony myśli politycznej [Incentive. Monthly magazine devoted to political thought]. Year IV.




A rare pamphlet with moral content against collaborators was printed during WWII by an the far-right underground movement Konfederacja Narodu in a clandestine press in Warsaw.



This rare pamphlet, printed by a clandestine press in Warsaw during WWII includes articles against traitors who are serving Germans, “Jackals” feeding on compatriots, collaborating officials of Polish nationalities, “Traitors among Jews”, and „Germans-loving“ women.

The text was published during WWII in German controlled Warsaw by a Polish far-right underground movement Konfederacja Narodu (Confederation of the Nation), founded in 1940. It was lead by a politician and writer Bolesław Bogdan Piasecki (also Leon Całka, Sablewski, 1915 – 1979. The party could never attract major support and would remain marginal. It merged into Armia Krajowa around fall 1943.

According to on-line sources only the Stanford Library holds two numbers of the magazine (2 and 4) outside Poland.


References: Lucjan Dobroszycki, Centralny katalog polskiej prasy konspiracyjnej, 1939-1945 (Warsaw, 1962), no. 584.

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