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POLISH UNDERGROUND NEWSPAPER: Sprawy Polskie [Polish Affairs] Year II, # 4/5: 3 III 1940.



One of the earliest Polish underground newspapers from WWII was printed by a resistance group Związek Orła Białego in Końskie. Extremely rare!

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A very rare mimeographed newspaper with the news on the German terror in Poland, current war situation in Poland and the Allies was issued by a Polish underground movement Związek Orła Białego

The secret organisation Związek Orła Białego (Union of the White Eagle) was founded in Krakow in 1939 and was one of the first Polish underground movements during WWII. It had a big influence mostly on Upper Silesia and Lesser Poland. In June 1940 the organisation merged with Związek Walki Zbrojnej (Union of Armed Struggle). This magazine was printed only two months prior to that.

The newspaper was printed between 1939 and 1941 – first editions were mimeographed and later printed. The underground press was hidden in a private house of family Tworzyańsky, in the town Końskie, in a part called Koczwara. All editions of this newspaper are extremely rare. 


References: Lucjan Dobroszycki, Centralny katalog polskiej prasy konspiracyjnej, 1939-1945 (Warsaw, 1962), no. 814.

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