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POP-UP BOOKS / CHILDREN’S BOOKS: Królewna Śnieżka [Snow White]



An attractive pop-up Polish version of Snow White was designed by the master of the 20th century pop up books Vojtěch Kubašta.

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A highly decorative pop-up Polish version of Snow White includes a series of well designed illustrations, which open in 3D, almost theatrical scenes. Special effects are given by cut-out and rotating details. 

The designer Vojtěch Kubašta (1914-1992) was born in Vienna to Czech parents and was trained as an architect, but dedicated his artistic career to illustration since his early student days. In the 1950s he was drafting posters and advertisements.  

In 1956, Kubašta designed his first pop-up book, which was followed in the next decades by a series of others, making him one of the most innovative Czech illustrators. 
We could only find four institutional copies (National Library of the Czech Republic, National Library of Poland, University of Michigan, University of Alberta).

References: OCLC 833934248.

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