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POP-UP BOOKS: Čriček in mravlje [Cvrček a mravenci / Cricket and Ants]



A Slovenian version of a Czech children’s book with cut-out details was designed by Vojtěch Kubašta. In an unused, mint condition.

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A prettily designed children’s books, with cut-out details, with a text by a Czech author Jiři Zdeněk Novák (1912-2001), tells a story about a cricket, who was entertaining the ants during the summer, as the ants were building up a winter supply. In contrast to the traditional fable of a cricket, who starves, when the winter comes, a protagonist in this tale is taken in by the ants and he continues entertaining them through the long winter.  

The illustrator and designer Vojtěch Kubašta (1914-1992) was born in Vienna to Czech parents and was trained as an architect,  but dedicated his artistic career to illustration since his early student days. In the 1950s he was drafting posters and advertisements.  

In 1956, Kubašta designed his first pop-up book, which was followed in the next decades by a series of others, making Kubašta one of the most innovative Czech illustrators.  

This example is a near mint, unused condition and comes from a warehouse of a publishing house.  

We could not find any examples in libraries outside Slovenia. 

References: OCLC 439443195.

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