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POPE’S ANTI-COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA: Proti komunizmu. Okrožnica Pija XI. Divini redemptoris o brezbožnem komunizmu.



An uncommon Slovenian translation of Pope’s decree against the Communism with a unique striking cover was published by a Missionary press to educate children.

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A pamphlet with a striking unique cover, published in a series of publications for the Catholic children and youth, includes a decree against the Communism by Pope Pius XI (1857-1939). The chapters include listings of previous texts against the Communism, reminders of the Catholic moral values, and analysis of the Communist texts and proving them wrong.

The introduction and commentaries were written by a Slovenian theologist, author and professor Aleš Ušeničnik (1868-1952).

After WWII, the Catholic church was criticized for being more critical to Communism than to the growing Fascism, and later the holocaust.

The survival rate of such pamphlets is very rare, as they would be destroyed in Yugoslavia after WWII in the new regime.

References: OCLC: 442969530.

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