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POPULAR EVANGELISTS: Ketzer und Kirche [Heretics and Church]


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The book includes transcriptions of three speeches, given by a German popular evangelist Johannes Leppich in Mainz on May 11th, 12th and 13th, 1953:

–          Die Falschen Heiligen (The Wrong Saints),

–          Die Staatsanbeter (The State Worshipers),

–          Der Pansexualismus (Pansexualism).


Johannes Leppich (1915-1992) was a German Jesuit and one of the first popular preachers after WWII. Influenced by the American preacher Billy Graham, Leppich was preaching to the masses on the streets, gatherings and on the radio.

Known as Maschinengewehr Gottes (The Machine Gun of God) he was speaking not only about religion, but also about politics. His speeches involve the subjects of Communism, sexuality, abortion etc.

We could not find any institutional copies of the book.

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