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POSTAL MAP / POST-KARTE – BAYERN: Post-Karte von Baiern. Entworfen auf Befehl Seiner Majestät des Königs von A. von Coulon. Gestochen von Carl Schleich jun. und Johann Baptist Seitz.



Highly detailed wall map of Bavaria with unique colouring, showing the time of postal deliveries from the north to the south of the state.

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Stunning highly detailed wall postal map of Bavaria with original colour shows the postal routes of Bavaria.

The map was descibed as the best general map of Bavaria printed in the early 19th century (Bayern im Bild der Karte, 2. Aufl., 1993) 

In the times of Napoleon there was an imperative for new scientific surverys of Bavaria. In 1801 a Topographic Office (Topographische Bureau) was founded first under a French and from 1807 under Bavarian direction. The latter was led by the state minister Maximilian Joseph von Montgelas (1799-1817). Alois von Coulon was one of the first members of the Topographic Office and was responsible for numerous highly detailed wall maps of Bavaria and parts of this state. In 1816-1818 he published a wall map of Bavaria on 20 sheets.

We could only trace a few examples of this map in libraries worldwide. 

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