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PRINTING IN EXILE: Das Gottscheer Heimatland. Eine geschlossene deutsche Siedlung im Raumgebiet der Nord-Adria von A. D: 1330-1942



A rare map of Gottschee in Slovenia, privately published in Germany by the exiles from the area.

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A map embraces the area of Gottschee in the south-east part of Slovenia and it includes the lyrics of the anthem as well as a picture of bears, still typical for this woody area. Gottscheers are the German settlers of the Ko_evje region of Slovenia, formerly Gottschee County. Until the Second World War, their main language of communication was Gottscheerish, a German dialect.

They were moved from their country in 1941 and 1941 by the Nazis, who promised them better farmlands, taken from the deported Slovenians in the south part of Styria. The farmlands proved to be of lesser quality than expected. After WWII the Gottscheers were not supported by the new Yugoslavian regime and moved out from the country, mostly to Germany and the United States. In 1952 a Society for Gottscheer Exiles was founded in Sankt Aldegund in Germany, which still exists today.

This map was printed privately in a limited edition for this society. We could not find any references to the map of any other examples in the institutions worldwide.

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