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PRISON CAMP NEWSPAPER: Austauschblatt. Kontakt. Der Lagerzeitung des Mittl. Ostens [Exchange Newspaper. Contact. The Prison Camp Newspaper of the Middle East]. 1 Year. Number 2.



A seemingly unrecorded mimeographed newspaper was published by the German war prisoners in 1947 in the Middle East and it includes articles from Iraq and Egypt.

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A seemingly unrecorded mimeographed newspaper in German language was printed in 1947 at an undisclosed German prison camp in the Middle East after WWII. It includes articles on the life in the Middle East, cinema and democracy.

As the title Austauschblatt indicates the newspaper was distributed for free and was supposed to be passed on from one reader to another.

According to the title page this is a second number of the first year. We could not find any other examples of any numbers on the market not in institutions worldwide.

The newspaper seems to be incomplete with a missing last chapter Girls in UniformsEnglish Touch. German Eyes. Due to the nature of this chapter, it is possible the page(s) were contemporary removed for further private studying by one of the readers.

References: Unrecorded. 

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