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PROPAGANDA MAPS: Heim ins Reich! Friedensverträge sind nur Menschenwerk! [Back to the Home Country! Peace Treaties are Only Works of Men!]


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A powerful nationalistic 1924 map showcasing the areas outside Germany, inhabited by the German speaking population, was published by an association Südmark (South Mark) in Graz in Austria. According to a rubber stamp in the upper corner, this is a proof state, possibly an advertisement for a larger version of a map to be exhibited at the stores, where one could order a poster-sized map.

The red colour shows the Germany with its borders after the Treaty of Versailles.

According to the map, the western striped part is contemporary under the foreign troops and there should not be a border between Austria and Germany (with a moto: Against Nature! Away with border stones!). 

The white colour marks the German and Austrian parts separated from Germany, the vertical red stripes Germans living abroad, and checkered fields other Germanic nations. 

The idea ofconvincing all the ethnic Germans living abroad to annex their regions to the Greater Germany (“Homewards into the Empire“), was one of the mainstreams in the Third Reich. 

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