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PROPHET MUHAMMAD: محمديه [Muhammediye also Kitab Muhammediye]



A richly illustrated mystic work on the life of the Prophet Muhammad by an Ottoman author Yazıcızâde Mehmed


4°, 7 pp. [mispagination, actually 8pp.], 4 pp., 478 pp., [2 pp.], lithographed text with illustrations, 3 pages printed in gold ink, contemporary brown cloth, later spine (slightly age-toned and stained, endpapers chipped, tiny cracks in margins, binding slightly scuffed and age-toned).


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The book, which includes among other images of Mecca and Medina, the Kaaba and Islamic religious symbols, is not a biography in a classic sense, but a mystic travel of the author through the live of the prophet.

The manuscript was finished in the first half of the 15th century and soon became highly popular in religious circles.

At least 22 editions, printed in movable type and lithography, nine of which were illustrated, were published in the Ottoman Empire in the 19th century, with this edition, issued by a prominent “Ottoman Publishing House” possible being most luxurious with its three pages printed in gold.

We could trace two example of this edition on Worldcat (McGill University Library,
Leiden University Libraries, possibly another example at the National Library of Israel). It is possible, as always with Ottoman books, that other examples are listed under other variations of transliteration of the title and / or other miscalculated dates from Hijri to Georgian calendar.

References: OCLC 889233321, 80177101, 919264176. ÖZEGE 10955. Cf.: MUSTAFA İSMET UZUN, YAZICIOĞLU MEHMED EFENDİ, TDV İslâm Ansiklopedisi.

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