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PSYOP – PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE: Afrika-Post. Wochenblatt für Deutsche Truppen in Tunesien.



Three numbers (of 6) of an extremely rare newspaper “Africa-Post. Weekly Newspaper for the German Troops in Tunisia”, printed by the Allies in Tunisia during WWII, in German language for the German troops, in order to cause a psychological warfare.

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The articles include news of the world, with a special focus on German affairs in a subtlety disquieting way. The first issue was made on January 11th, 1943, as it became clear Hitler is about to lose the battle of Stalingrad, which was a turning point in WWII. This was the first major battle lost by the Germans, which meant a huge boost of self-confidence for the Allies. At the same time the German army in North Africa was already strongly demoralised after the Battle of El-Alamein.

This Allied fake German newspaper was issued at a perfect timing in order to demoralise German troops, which were at the time psychologically weak and unsure about the news they were receiving from Germany as well as about their future. The Africa-Post gave them details on the Hitler’s defeat at Stalingrad and the financial troubles Germany was facing at the time. It also gave the soldiers hints about their being neglected by their homeland. Short tips were given to German soldiers, how to desert to the Allied camps in North-Africa, in case they had doubts about them still being there.

These are number 1, 4, and 5 of 6 issues of this newspaper were published. The first 2 issues were mimeographed in Constantine, Algeria, and distributed in German territory by companies of foot soldiers. The other 4 were printed. We could only trace one set of the newspapers in the British Library and one number (nr. 4.) in the State Library in Berlin.

References: Ackland, R., Catalogue of Allied Leaflets dropped in North Africa. p. 7.

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