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PUNK / YUGOSLAVIA -SLOVENIA: Svoboda pa kar hodi [And the Freedom Keeps on Walking]



A rare separately published collection of a punk poetry by a Slovenian poet of Bosnian-Croatian origins Esad Babačić.


Long 4°. [24 pp.] copied typescript with black and white illustrations, text starting on the inner side of the wrappers, original card wrappers with illustrated covers, stapled (Very Good, wrappers with minor staining).


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This rare 1980s publication includes poems by a Slovenian poet Esad Babačić, who was known for his activity in the punk scene at the time. The poems repeat the motif of death and love, and mix the words and paroles typical for the soc-realistic poems of now dying Yugoslavia with vulgar language.

The typescript is combined with black and white vignettes, composed of anthropomorphic shadows.

Esad Babačić is a Slovenian poet and a 1980s punk musician of Bosnian-Croatian descendant. Already as a teenager he started writing poetry and lyrics for his punk band Via Ofenziva, and at the age of 17 he won an award for best punk song on recently deceased Yugoslav president Josip Broz-Tito. Due his artistic work in at the time semi underground punk scene Babačić often got into trouble with the authorities, including for his performing Lili Marlen in a punk version, at the time still considered to be a Nazi song.

The pamphlet was printed in 300 examples. We could trace four institutional copies (three in

Slovenia and one in Monash University Library).

References: OCLC 456496049.

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