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RED SEA: Karte des Arabischen Meerbusens oder des Rothen Meeres


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Map with original decorative colour in outline shows the Red Sea. With an in-set map of the Gulf of Suez. Marked are towns, cities ports and smaller regions.

The author Carsten Niebuhr (1733 – 1815) was a German born mathamatician, living in Denmark from 1760. In 1761 he was sent to a scientific expedition sponsored by Frederick V of Denmark to Egypt, Arabia and Syria together with five other scientists. Niebuhr was the only one to survive the Danish Arabia Expedition. He returned to Copenhagen in 1767 and published the new discoveries in 1773 in ‘Beschreibung von Arabien’. The work was followed with two other volumes with descriptions and maps of Arabian Peninsula 1774 and 1778.

This map was issued in Allgemeiner grosser Atlas published by Franz Anton Schraembl (1751-1803). This ambitous atlas with maps based upon the latest discoveries was published in Vienna between 1786 and 18

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