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REVOLUTION: The bailiff Yerney and his rights. A Slovene Tolstoi.


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A rare English translation of an early Slovenian revolutionary drama, originally written in 1907 was published in London in 1930 by a publisher of modernist writers John Rodker.

The Bailiff Yerney (and His Right) was a short story by a Slovenian writer Ivan Cankar (1876-1918) from 1907 on a simple worker, who is deprived of his savings after the retirement. After seeking justice through the legal and church system without success, he burns down the house of his previous employees. The angry mob pushes him into the fire, which turns red, a symbol for the revolution, which could be salvation for the working class. 

Needless to say, the story was very popular between the left-wing artist and under post WWII Yugoslavia. 

It is unclear how many examples are held in libraries worldwide, since the OCLC number on Worldcat seems to mistakenly join together many different editions.

References: OCL 3736350.

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