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RIVER TRANSPORTATION MAP, EUROPE: Schiffahrtstrassen von Central-Europa. Voies Navigables de l’Europe Centrale. Vie Navigabili dell’Europe Centrale.



A rare transportation map, published in the last months of WWI in Switzerland, showcases the navigable river routes of the central Europe and the planned projects.

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A map, embracing the area of central Europe showcases the navigable river routes of the area.

Thick black and blue lines mark the navigable routes, thin black lines non navigable rivers, think blue lines navigable channels, broken blue line planned new channels and black line accompanied with patterned blue line planned rechanneling of existing rivers.  

The map was published as an appendix to a special number of a magazine Schweizerland on ship voyages in July 1918, and appears on the market rarely. We could only find one separate example on the map in institutions worldwide (ETH-Bibliothek Zurich, OCLC 637825333).

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