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ROMANIA: Übersichtskarte von Rumänien Im Auftr. d. Kartograph. Abt. d. Stellvertretenden Generalstabes d. Armee nur für den Dienstgebrauch



A very rare gigantic road and transportation wall map of Romania was made in German language during WWI, in the year when Romania joined the Entente Powers.

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This beautifully executed highly detailed gigantic map of Romania showcases different types of railroad, railroads under construction, roads, roads under construction and smaller routes.

The survey was made by a Prussian Survey Office for military purposes, in 1916, when Romania entered the World War I, joining the side of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy. The success of the war was short lived in Romania. After the initial progress of the Romanian military campaign,  the Central Powers occupied two-thirds of the country within months, before reaching a stalemate in 1917. 

The map was made of official use only, as mentioned in the title, and was not for sale. We could not trace any other examples in on the market. There are three examples in libraries worldwide (Berlin State Library, German State Library in Frankfurt am Main, and Bavarian State Library).

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