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ROUND PANORAMA – MILAN: Panorama orografico e pittoresco della città e contorni di Milano. Preso dalla sommità della cattedrale


A round view from the Milan Cathedral from circa 1880


Lithograph (Very Good, overall clean and bright, just some short tears entering from margins closed from verso, old folds), 43.5 x 43.5 (17 x 17 inches)

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An attractive round panorama shows interesting points one can see from the top of the Milan Cathedral: famous buildings of the city, buildings on the suburbs, cities, towns and rounds surrounding Milan and the mountain chains around it. One part of the view opened on the Adriatic Sea. On a church plan in the middle, different viewing points are marked on different levels, as well as on towers.

Marked is also a place of the battle of Melegnano, fought on June 8 1859, during the Second Italian War of Independence.

The Milan Cathedral was one of the biggest attractions of the 19th century. This impressive building was namely started being built already in 1386, but was still under construction in the 19th century. So visitors could witness a construction of a real large Gothic cathedral, what was a novelty in the time of the Gothic revival. After the Cathedral stood unfinished for centuries in the middle of the city, it was only Napoleon Bonaparte, about to be crowned King of Italy in the Cathedral, who decided to finish it in a planned Gothic style. In the following years, most of the missing arches and spires were constructed, and the statues on the southern wall were also finished. In 1829-1858, new stained glass windows replaced the old ones.

The view can be dated around 1880, as the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II., here shown in the lower left corner of the engraving, was not finished until 1877. The Pirola publishing house was founded in Milan in 1781 by brothers Giacomo and Gaetano. In the 19th century they were famous for their guidebooks for tourists in Milan. Over decades the Pirola publishing house issued this view in several versions, adding and removing the popular sights.

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