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RUSSIAN CINEMATOGRAPHY: Sovjetski dokumentarni film Sovjetska Baškirija. Sovjetski dokumentarni film Lov na kitove. [Soviet documentary Soviet Bashkiria. Soviet documentary Whale Hunting]



This rare poster in Serbian language featuring two Soviet documentary movies was made in 1948, in the year of Tito-Stalin fall-out, what caused Yugoslavia’s expulsion from the Cominform.

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A large crudely lithographed poster, printed in Zemun, Serbia, features two Soviet documentary films. The first one is Soviet Bashkiria, a movie on the Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, which existed between 1919 and 1992, and is here presented with images of happy peasant people. The second movie is Whale Hunting, a documentary film on whaling in the Soviet Union.

The poster was probably made in 1948, in the year of the premiere of Soviet Bashkiria. In the same year Tito and Stalin had a major fall-out, what caused a break up of the Soviet-Yugoslav relations and Yugoslavia’s expulsion from the Cominform. 

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