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RUSSO-AMERICAN FRIENDSHIP – PROPAGANDA – WWII: „The Russian Glory!“ Latest Cables and Photos from the USSR



A scarce illustrated pamphlet was published during WWII by the Russian War Relief in New York to raise money for the supplies to fight against Nazi Germany on Russian soil. With articles written by famous names such as Dmitri Shostakovich and Constantin Simonov.

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Igor SOLOVYEV — Dmitri SHOSTAKOVICH (1906-1975) – Pavel NIKITIN – Constantin SIMONOV (1915-1979) – Valentin KATAEV (1897-1986) – Alexander N. FRUMKIN (1895–1976) – Anna PLYUKHINA – Zoya FEDOROVA (1909–1981) – Boris YAMPOLSKY (1912–1972) – BAGDASARYAN.


A rare WWII propaganda pamphlet was made by the Russian War Relief in New York to promote Russia as a prime partner in fighting against the Nazi Germany and to gather funds for the war and medical supply. The list of authors, describing their brave work on the front, includes unusual combination of world known Russian male and female authors, composers, actors and scientists.  

The articles with somehow dramatic titles are Foreword by Edward C. Carter, Grandpa of the guerrillas by Igor Solovyev, Mars’ music in Moscow by Dmitri Shostakovich, Men who never miss by Pavel Nikitin, Poet with a gun by Constantin Simonov, The captain of the guards by Valentin Kataev, Science goes to war by Alexander N. Frumkin, I drive a locomotive by Anna Plyukhina, The girl from Leningrad byb Zoya Fedorova, The green greatcoat by Boris Yampolsky, and Battlefield nurse by Miltiary Surgeon Bagdasaryan. 

The Russian War Relief was the largest American agency for foreign war relief, founded on September 12, 1941, in New York, only weeks after the German attack on Russia. 

We could only find four institutional examples (Mount Holyoke College, Art Institute of Chicago, University of Chicago Library and University of Kansas Archives / MSS / Rare Books). 

References: OCLC 40065557.

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