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SARAJEVO: Spomenica dvadesetgodišnjice opstanka i djelovanja Muslimanskog dobrotvornog društva “Merhamet” u Sarajevu. 1913-1933


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[A Memorial to the 20th Anniversary of Foundation and Work of the Muslim Charity Organization Merhamet in Sarajevo. 1913-1933].


The richly illustrated book, published at the 20th annivesary of the Muslim humanitarian organisation Merhamet (tur. Compassions) in Sarajevo, is a valuable source of information on the Muslim life in Sarajevo between the two wars. The book also includes numerous portraits and photographs of groups of children the organisation is providing food for. 

The organisation Merhamet is still active today in many countries.
The editor was a young Munir Ekremov Šahinović (1910-1945), who would later become one of the most famous Bosnian and Herzegovian authors and reporters, specialised in the problems of migration of Muslims from Bosnia to Turkey, history and Turko-Bosnian relations. During WWII he joined the army officials of the Independent State of Croatia and was shot in the streets of Zagreb by the partisans upon the liberation of the city.

Worldcat records two institutional copies (National and University Library in Ljubljana and Royal Danish Library).

References. OCLC 768110624 & 439792566.

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