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SAUDI ARABIA: الدولة السعودية فى الجزيرة العربية [The Saudi State in the Arabian Peninsula]



A detailed history on the foundation of modern Saudi Arabia under Ibn Saud, written by the first Saudi minister of war Muhammad Tariq Al-Afriqi.


8°, [4 pp.], portrait, 48 pp. with a map in text, 3 interleaved illustrations, original wrappers with illustrated cover, errata mounted on the inner side of the front cover (cover with folds, tiny chips in margins, spine repaired with modern tape).


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The book, describing the foundation of modern Saudi Arabia with its first years under king Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud (reign 1926 – 1932), was written by a military commander Muhammad Tariq Al-Afriqi (1888-1955), with a real name Muhammad Tariq Ibn Abdulkadir Al-Tarabulsi ( محمد طارق عبد القادر الطرابلسي), also known as Tariq the African (Tariq Al-Afriqi) or The Black Tiger of Jerusalem (نمر القدس الأسود). He earned his nickname “the African” for being of Libyan origins with Nigerian mother. After World War I he obtained Syrian citizenship.

Tariq Al-Afriqi started his career in the Ottoman Empire under Wehib Pasha and later, as one of the founders of modern Saudi army, climbed to the rank of Major General in Saudi Arabia. He served as the first head of Ministry of war under king Ibn Saud. Tariq Al-Afriqi was known for several campaigns, important for the independence of Arabic people, such as battles against Italians and French in north Africa and British in Egypt.

Worldcat lists one institutional example (American University of Beirut).

References: OCLC 1041875946.

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