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SERBIA, BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA: Lechner’s Karte von Bosnien, Serbien und Montenegro.



A large detailed map, showcasing borders of Bosnia, Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia and the territories of what are today Albania and Macedonia, was published separately in Vienna just before the First Balkan War (1912-1913), in the time when the Balkan League was trying to regain the territory from the Ottoman Empire, independent from Austria-Hungary. 

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This large folding map shows the official borders between Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and the Ottoman Empire.

The map can be dated around 1910-1911, just before the first Balkan War of 1912-1913. Independent Albania, established on December 4, 1912, is not jet shown. Also a territory of Pljevlja, which cuts deep between the land of Serbia, Herzegovina and Montenegro, belonged to the Ottoman Empire until 1913, after which it became a part of Kingdom of Montenegro.

The map was published in Vienna, as this multicultural area, which was on the edge of rebellion, belonged to the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. In 1914 the country entered WWI, which resulted the separation of this territory, which in 1918 became a part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.


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