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SERBIAN LITERATURE AND AVANT-GARDE: Живот и рад [Život i rad. Godina II, Knjiga IV / Life and Work. Year II, Book IV].



A modernistic Serbian literary magazine, influenced by the Russian avant-garde.

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An uncommon modernistic literary-political magazine in Serbian Cyrillic and partly in Latin script includes text written by Serbian and other Yugoslav modern writers of 1929, as well as book reviews and commentaries on the current political situation. The cover was inspired by contemporary Russian avant-garde designs.

This issue includes an article on Dada by a Serbian author Aleksandar Ilić, a report on Bernard Shaw’s play in Prague, an article on Ivo Andrić etc.

The magazine was published in Belgrade from 1928 until the beginning of WWII, in 1941.

The issues of the magazine are scarce. Worldcat lists 11 institutions, which hold the title of the magazine. Most of the copies seem to be separate numbers or incomplete series.

References: OCLC 297324731 & 438758649.

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