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SERBIAN PARTISAN PRINTING & POETRY: Одабране пјесме [Odabrane pjesme / Selected Songs].



An uncommon book of poetry by a Serbian author Jovan Jovanović Zmaj was published in Cyrillic Script at the end of WWII in liberated Dalmatia in Croatia

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Jovan Jovanović Zmaj (1833-1904), was one of the best-known Serbian poets. This book includes poetry with strong nationalistic tone, praising the strong Serbian nation, culture and war.

The book was published in liberated Dalmatia by Serbian Cultural Enlightening Society, which was a part of the liberation movement and the Yugoslavian Partisans, only weeks before the end of WWII in Yugoslavia on May 15 1945. Dalmatia was largely taken over by the Partisans already in the autumn 1943, after the capitulation of Italy, and the cities in the area were liberated with a help of the Allies months before the end of WWII, allowing publications of numerous Partisan books. The city Šibenik on Dalmatian coast, where the book was printed, was liberated by the Partisans already on November 3rd, 1944.

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