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SERBIAN UNDERGROUND PARTISAN MAGAZINE: Proleter. Organ Centralnog komiteta Komunističke partije Jugoslavije [Organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia].



The last number of the most important Yugoslavian Communist underground newspaper Proleter (Proletarian) includes first printings of articles by the most prominent Yugoslavian Communists, active in Partisan underground movement.

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This is the last number of a famous Yugoslavian Communist newspaper Proleter, printed illegally in various locations between 1929 and December 1942. It includes first printings of articles, by most famous Yugoslavian (Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian) members of the National Liberation Army: Josip Broz Tito (1892 – 1980), Moša Pijade (1890-1957), Sreten Žujović (1899 – 1976), Aleksandar Ranković (1909 – 1983), Milovan Đilas (1911 – 1995), Veselin Masleša (1906 — 1943), Mitra Mitrović (1912 – 2001) and Ivo “Lola” Ribar (1916 – 1943). The articles are written in Latin and Cyrillic script. 

The newspaper was distributed in the underground movement of Partisans, where articles were then reprinted in separate publications.

The first number of Proleter, published by a forbidden Communist Party of Yugoslavia, was published by an underground press in Zagreb in 1929. After the police confiscated the complete numbers 3 and 5, the printing was moved to Vienna. In the next decade the newspaper was printed in Paris, Brussels and Prague, after which, in 1940, it moved back to Zagreb, then to Ljubljana and Belgrade, where during WWII it became a part of the underground Partisan printing production.

There were only three war numbers and the last two war numbers were printed in Drinići and Foča (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and reprinted in occupied Belgrade.

A facsimile of all editions was published in 1968.

Today we could not trace any original examples in institutions worldwide.  

References: Bibliografija, no. 8812.

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