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Silviculture / Dendrology / Botany


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احمد نظمى (Ahmed Nazmi)
آعاج ديكمك. آعاج ديكمه نك فائده لرى و فنى اصولى
[Ağaç Dikmek, Ağaç Dikmenin Faydaları ve Fennî Usûlü / Planting Trees, Benefits of Planting Trees and Scientific Method]
Istanbul: معرفت مطبعه سى [Marifet Matbaası] 1347 – 1928.
8°: 160 pp.

[together with:]
م. فاضل (M. Fazıl)
چيچك باغچه سى
[Çiçek Bahçesi / Garden Flowers]
Istanbul: كتابخانه سودى [Kitabhane-yi Sudi] 1339 [1923].
8°: 76 pp. with black and white illustrations, [4 pp.] blank, illustrated cover.

[together with:]
م. فاضل (M. Fazıl)
ميوه باغچه سى
[Meyve Bahçesi / Garden Fruit]
Istanbul: كتابخانه سودى [Kitabhane-yi Sudi] 1339 – 1923.
8°: 67 pp. with black and white illustrations, illustrated cover.

3 titles bound in 1 volume, contemporary cloth binding with gilt lettering on the spine, original patterned endpapers (minor foxing, binding with small chips, sporadic light water-staining in corners, otherwise in a good condition). 427059571, ÖZEGE; 13420.


The first book is an unusual Ottoman work on silviculture. The instructions on controlling of growth of trees and the benefits of green surfaces are accompanied with quotes from the Quran.

The work is followed by a second book, with a beautiful cover and illustrated text, which describes garden plants. The third book by the same author described fruit trees.

All the works are rare. Worldcat list the title without any institutional examples for the first tile, and the only two examples of the second and third title are housed at the University of California, Los Angeles.

References: Title 1: OCLC 984413652; ÖZEGE, 143. Title 2: OCLC 654417429; ÖZEGE; 3324. Title 3: OCLC 427059571, ÖZEGE; 13420.

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